Introducing Joyous!

The Workplace Awards ask your employees to complete a 30-question survey on a range of topics central to their experience. Our tech partner for this survey is Auckland-based company Joyous.

Joyous is a modern, mobile-friendly employee feedback tool. It’s designed for all employees, whether they’re behind a desk, on a worksite, or rushing between customers.

Once you start getting feedback, Joyous generates reports that let you view scores by division, team, location, or more. Joyous makes it easy for you to track changes over time and drill down into responses for more granular detail.

Employee feedback for the Workplace Awards is confidential. You can use this as your baseline data for measuring employee experience progress going forward.


Beyond the Workplace Awards

To continue measuring your employee experience after the Workplace Awards, take a look at what a full Joyous implementation can do for you.

Joyous gives you a full library of questions and conversation starters that measure all aspects of employee experience and engagement. You simply send employees a question a week and use their feedback to kickstart meaningful conversations.

Heatmap DT.png

As you’ll discover in the Workplace Awards, Joyous is really easy to use. Your people won’t have to learn a new interface or interpret technical language. Joyous also encourages people to share photos, videos and text to tell their stories their way.


Let’s chat

Want to see how Joyous can help you collect employee feedback? We’d love to help - get in touch and we’ll take it from there!