About the Humankind Employee Experience Awards programme


What is “employee experience”?

Employee experience (EX) incorporates the many things that affect what it is like working for an organisation. Technically, we define EX as "the combined thoughts, feelings, and interactions that employees have at work" – things that happen in your head, in your heart, and between you and other things (such as technology, the physical environment, or with other people).

The experience that each employee has goes on to influence their behaviour: the quality of their work, their ability to be productive, the service they provide others, and ultimately their willingness to 'go the extra mile.' You may recognise this as the same proposition made regarding employee engagement, and you'd be right – a great EX positively impacts engagement, with motivated and engaged people being much more likely to contribute to your bottom line.

Your organisation's EX is under your control, you just need to know where your strengths and opportunities lie. Indeed, you may have been actively managing EX for years, and achieved some great results. In both cases, the Humankind Employee Experience Awards programme has something for you!


Two types of Awards



Central to the Workplace Awards is our Employee Experience Discovery process.

Firstly you'll ask all your people to complete a 30-question EX Survey, as you might expect. This is where our process gets much more hands-on though, because next we will run a series of interviews, listening to better understand peoples' experience.

Most importantly, the reports you receive will be insightful and well-considered. And who knows, maybe an award may follow!



If you’re an individual or a team that would like to be recognised for the great work that you do creating an incredible employee experience, look no further.

Tell us your story through a submission for one of our two Inspiration Awards.


 What’s it like to be part of the EX Awards?