Frequently Asked Questions

Have we got your interest, but you still have questions? Here are more details on how participating in Humankind's Employee Experience Awards works. If your questions remain, contact us.


General FAQs


+ I am not sure my organisation will win, so why should we participate?

Participating in the EX Awards Programme will introduce you to Humankind's Employee-Centred Design methodology and the 4 types of EX. You will receive data and insights into how you are currently performing, and recommendations on how your organisation can improve. See more here. If you've only ever run surveys to assess employee engagement, our approach will help you envision what the next level of employee insight looks like.

+ So, these are Employee Experience Awards... what about contractors, volunteers, and other people that we work with in different ways?

We understand that there are lots of different employment relationships out there, and while a person might not contractually be an employee, they may have an experience very similar to one. For the survey, we would like you to include all those people who you provide an employee-like experience to. A good rule of thumb to consider would be, who do people think they work for - what does it feel like to them? Do you offer learning & development opportunities to them, and have regular performance reviews? Please talk to Humankind to discuss your organisation's circumstances before registering if you are planning to exclude anyone. Note that casual staff are generally not included for the purposes of these Awards.

+ How will the winners be determined?

For the Workplace Awards, Humankind will review the survey results in conjunction with the interview insights across all participating organisations. Humankind's 4 types of EX will provide focus for our assessment - Purpose, Relationship, Enabling, and Performance experiences.

For the Inspiration Awards (EX Designer of the Year and EX Initiative of the Year), we will firstly review all submissions to create a shortlist. The key things we will be looking for in submissions will be evidence of an employee-centric approach, and evidence of impact - that the employee experience in your organisation has improved as a result of your efforts. Two reference checks will be conducted with people in your organisation. We will engage the insights of a panel of external judges to assist us in selecting the awards winners. Please note that the EX Designer of the Year Award is only open to in-house practitioners, not those in a consulting capacity.

+ When will we see our EX Discovery Report?

Organisations participating in the Workplace Awards will have instant access to their survey results through Joyous' online survey reporting. Then, following the interview process, Humankind will email a written report to you and coordinate a suitable time for a debrief conversation. Finalists in the Awards will be announced in late October 2019, and winners will be announced at the Humankind Employee Experience Awards on Thursday 14 November 2019. More information will be available closer to the time.

+ Will our organisation be publicly ranked or our results be published?

If you are an Award winner, Humankind and Joyous may prepare positive stories to share your achievement publicly. Specific results and feedback will not be shared without approval. If you are not an Award winner, your results and relative performance will remain confidential.

+ How should we communicate the EX Discovery, and our participation in the Workplace Awards process, with our team?

Key messages you might like to share could include:

  • This is part of your commitment to building a great place to work!
  • You might need to explain what Employee Experience (EX) is - it describes 'what it is like to work here'.
  • There's two parts to your organisation's participation - a quick 30 question survey (around 5 minutes for each person to complete) and some interviews.
  • The interviews will be with a variety of randomly-selected people from across your organisation, around 45-60 minutes long, and involve questions about what it is like to work here. The interviews will be confidential, and no personal feedback will be shared with your organisation. Humankind will only report back themes from across the interviews.

+ I see that that there is a 'good faith' requirement in the Terms & Conditions - what more can you say about this?

That's right - we've included this requirement because this is an Awards programme, and we want to be really confident that when we say 'this organisation delivers a great employee experience,' that is based on what we have learned when applying our methodology as intended. If any organisation attempted to give itself an unfair advantage (such as encouraging people to respond to the survey positively, or if it made available only its most 'positive' employees for the interviews), that wouldn't reflect well on either of us. It would also compromise the investment that organisation has made in participating. Therefore, Humankind reserves the right to investigate and even disqualify from the Awards any organisation considered to have acted in a way that brings the validity of the Awards into disrepute.


Workplace Awards: Survey FAQs


+ How does the survey process work?

The team at Joyous will be in touch with you to discuss the setup of your survey. They will ask you to populate a spreadsheet with the names, contact details, and desired demographic details of your people.

+ Do we need to give the survey to everyone we employ?

We understand that every employment relationship is different, so please note our guidance about whether to include contractors, casuals, etc in the General FAQs above. Of those people meeting the criteria, everyone needs to be given the opportunity to participate in the survey. Not doing so may result in disqualification from the Awards.

+ Do we need to achieve a minimum response rate to be eligible for the Workplace Awards?

Yes! A high response rate gives us all confidence ensures that the results are reflective of the employee experience in your organisation. If you don't meet the required response rate, you will still receive your reports but just won't be eligible for the Awards.

Number of Employees Response Rate Required
20-50 employees 80%
51-150 employees 80%
151-500 employees 70%
501+ employees 60%

+ What questions are included in the survey?

There are 30 questions that cover the four types of Employee Experience; Purpose, Relationship, Enabling, and Performance experiences. There are also two open-ended questions for employee comments. If you wish to view the questionnaire in advance, please contact us. It takes around 5-7 minutes for the average person to complete the survey.

+ What if some people do not have a computer or an email address?

Joyous can provide unique codes for those people and they can log on from any device, smartphone or a kiosk computer set up. If necessary, responses can be submitted via hard copy questionnaire too.

+ What about our people overseas?

If you'd like to include your overseas-based people in the overall survey results that is fine, just talk to Joyous about flagging their responses in the reporting. The EX Awards are limited to New Zealand-based employees this year, so we will remove their responses just for the purposes of the competition.

+ Are the survey results confidential?

Your survey results are confidential. Results will be reported at a 'total organisation' level and by the demographic groupings that you provide to Joyous. Please note that a minimum of 6 responses are required in a group for reporting.


Workplace Awards: Interview FAQs


+ Why are you interviewing people as part of these Awards?

At Humankind, we know that survey feedback - particularly scores for rating scale questions - only tell part of the story of what it's like to work somewhere. Even the best survey questions will be interpreted by different people in different ways, and so the advice of any good survey provider will always be, 'if you want to know more, talk to your people.' We believe that this advice should also apply to understanding EX for an Awards programme. Therefore, in addition to the survey, we will be conducting a number of one-on-one interviews with a cross section of employees at each organisation as part of your EX Discovery. Interviews allow us to understand a group of employees' experiences in their own words. This will help us to understand what is really working for your people, and what your opportunity areas are.

+ How do the interviews work?

An EX Discovery as part of the Workplace Awards has been priced based on one or two days of Humankind consulting time (depending on the size of your organisation). In that time, a maximum number of 45-60 minute interviews has been indicated. We recommend that together we plan the interviews 2-4 weeks in advance.

Humankind will work with Joyous to obtain the list of employees used for your survey, and after a chat with you we will lead the selection of interviewees, utilising techniques for randomisation balanced with any practical realities that may be relevant. We will consider appropriate representativeness across demographics such as length of service, position level, and location. Together we will agree on the day(s) that the interviews will be conducted, and we are extremely grateful for the work you do putting together the schedule of interviews.

If you have people based in Auckland or Wellington, we will plan a single visit your location to conduct some (or all) interviews onsite - we will ask you to make a meeting room available please. While onsite, we will also look to schedule a short tour of your premises to identify physical environment opportunities. If you are based outside these two centres, we will plan to conduct the interviews via video or phone calls (with no tour). We may be able to travel for in-person interviews outside Auckland and Wellington if you agree to cover costs for our travel time and disbursements.

If a selected interviewee is unavailable on the day, you may substitute another person (ideally a peer) in that same time slot. If someone does not attend their scheduled time, we will not be able to reschedule their interview to another day. Therefore the number of interviews noted in your registration represents a maximum, and we encourage you to book people in well ahead of time, and then confirm availability on the day so you can be responsive to changes.

+ Will we get to see what our people say during their interviews?

We will share the broad themes derived from the interviews in the form of a report, combined with the survey results. The report will not identify what specific people said during the interviews. This is to ensure those who are interviewed are able to speak freely.