Celebrating our partnerships

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Employee Experience Survey Partner

Joyous provides the survey platform to capture feedback from all your employees on their experience of working for your organisation. Participation in the Workplace Awards includes a 30-question survey run by Joyous, providing you with instant insight and great baseline measurement.

Following the EX Awards, Joyous helps you to keep collecting useful, actionable feedback from your people using their unique conversational approach. Find out what lies behind ratings and comments by responding directly, as easily as you would in a messaging app. Joyous can help you collect regular feedback from all your people throughout the year, keeping the conversation alive and progress at the forefront.

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Brand Design Partner

Ocean Design uses their design skills to help solve clients' problems. Ocean’s team help their clients where they need expertise for their brands, social-marketing programmes, exhibitions, educational tools, films, charitable causes, and other information design projects.

With an illustrative logo, clever graphics and a timeless colour palette, Ocean worked with us to create a brand that truly captured the ethos of employee experience.

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Media Partner

Idealog is a media brand like no other. Targeting entrepreneurs and innovators, Idealog is chock full of case studies, expert advice and stories of hardwon success. Covering tech, design, marketing, exporting and start-ups, the Idealog brand is about showcasing the transformative power of innovation and creative thinking. In-depth and practical with a focus on facts, people, case studies and data, Idealog aims to be the voice of progressive business through a combination of inspiration and education.

Strategic Pay

Strategic Pay is New Zealand’s largest source of remuneration knowledge. Businesses rely on us to provide unmatched advice, innovation and information in strategic reward and performance development.

With the broadest, most comprehensive remuneration data services available, an approachable, responsive team of experts across the country, no other specialist is as well-resourced or ready to help clients achieve their business goals. We work alongside you to provide a compelling proposition that attracts, retains and motivates the best people.