Terms & Conditions

When I submit my organisation's registration to take part in the Humankind Employee Experience (EX) Awards 2019, I accept the Terms and Conditions of my organisation (“You” or “your”) (for which I am authorised to act) that:


  • The full cost of participation will be invoiced upon receipt of this registration. This is with the exception of disbursements, which may be invoiced as they occur.

  • If, having registered, You decide not to proceed with participation, Humankind or Joyous may require payment for administration costs incurred or 50% of the total cost, whichever is the larger amount.

  • For the EX Discovery & Workplace Awards, You understand that the number of interviews indicated in your registration represents a maximum, to be completed within either one or two calendar days (as we have indicated in the Packages & Pricing and FAQs page on the EX Awards website). Humankind will work with you to select and schedule interviewees on the agreed day(s). If a selected interviewee is unavailable on the day, you may substitute another person in that same time slot. If someone does not attend their scheduled time, we will not be able to reschedule their interview to another day.

  • You agree to participate in the EX Awards in good faith. Humankind & Joyous reserve the right to investigate and disqualify from the Awards any organisation considered to have acted in a way that brings the validity of the Awards into disrepute.

  • You understand and accept the Eligibility Criteria that applies in respect of the Awards.

  • You agree that Humankind may use data provided by Your organisation and Your employees subject to the assurances of confidentiality outlined in our Privacy Policy. This allows Humankind the ability to run this Awards programme, analyse results, and prepare public reports.

  • Any reports delivered to You as part of your participation are for your exclusive, internal use. Intellectual property owned by Humankind or Joyous, including (but not limited to) models, methodology, benchmark data and so on cannot be transferred, loaned or sold by You to any third party without the prior written permission of Humankind & Joyous.

  • You understand and accept that any Sponsors of the EX Awards may contact You from time to time regarding their services, and that You will have the opportunity to unsubscribe from each Sponsor's list upon first contact.

  • You understand and accept that Humankind may publish your name as one of the participants in the Awards unless You specifically and in writing request that it not be published.


  • Humankind & Joyous guarantees that only aggregated survey data from participating organisations will be used in any publicly available reports.

  • Humankind & Joyous guarantee that all other information provided by You will be kept confidential except that if You are selected to receive an Award, You agree that select information may be used as material for the feature stories on the winners of the Awards prepared by the Humankind & Joyous.

  • Humankind reserves the right to review all applications to ensure the integrity of the process. Awards will be given based on assessment of high performance; this may mean that not all organisation size category awards may be given.